???? “Everything Is Beautiful At The Ballet!”

photo: Georgina Pazcoguin via Instagram

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Follow me through my day tuning into @wearablex insta story And learn about this amazing technology. #rogueballerina #ballet #yoga This is going to be fun ????

Volume on!

photo: Georgina Pazcoguin at the Chita Rivera Awards in NYC 2017

I’ve been taking a moment to process how special this night was for me. “Thankful” doesn’t quantify my feeling. It’s so much more. Not only did I get to share my first official show back with both my NYCB and my Broadway family, I got to honor a woman I admire so much, singing the words of an iconic song, at an incredibly relevant time, as the the proud daughter of an immigrant.

The road is still long until I reach ???? but M11Fitness restored me this far and I’m intent on conquering this challenge. @chitaawards @nycballet @fitforbroadway @caligenix #rogueballerina #mcl #aclrecovery #broadway #primaballerina

Don’t get it twisted.

photo: Georgina Pazcoguin workout, via Instagram

We’re coming back SMARTER and hopefully better than ever. I see you, Chita Rivera Awards perf. and #nycballet fall season. ????

????#rogueballerina @balletdancer_strong @chitariveraawards @gio.villalobos

???? It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!

photo: Georgina Pazcoguin and 'shark week' via Instagram

????It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!

PSA: I’m obsessed with ???? #rogueballerina @sharkweek @sharksneedlove

@ivyconnect followed me…

photo: Georgina Pazcoguin at the barre, via Instagram

…for a “Day in the Life” while I was in @catsbroadway

If you want to see some more blackmail-worthy baby Gina Ballerina pics, check out the whole video in the link in the [Instagram] bio!

On the road to recovery. #rogueballerina @catsbroadway @nycballet #worldofdancechallenge #nbc coming next! #yumikoworld #freedoflondon #kohgendo #nowtv #ivytv #ellemagazine #vanityfair #vogue #ballet to #broadway

We had a heart-to-heart today.

photo: Georgina Pazcoguin via Instagram

She’s reached that age and it’s time for her to start supporting herself. Jett is an @alltameanimals starlet. I can feel it!

#shesaidchilligotthis #petbirthday #familygoals #rogueballerina broken #stilladogmom Dr. Paz is in da house!

“If I were a ballerina…”

photo: Georgina Pazcoguin via Instagram

Thank you @newyorkermag for making me snarf my coffee, laughing, and snapping me out of my self-deprecation. Yes, I am posting this on a “take 5” in btw rehearsals.

#rogueballerina #nycballet #balletishard #ifallalot #bekindtoyourself and others! @mmlafleur got a taste of my humor the other day ???? Link to hilarity in bio…

Who did that?!

photo: Georgina Pazcoguin at dance practice

Get ready: @nycballet #russianseasons #nightmareon62ndst

Trying to be fit for ballet @fitforbroadway swag helping ???? #rogueballerina freaks out.

“She wore an itsy, bitsy…”

photo: Georgina Pazcoguin lounging backstage in CATS!

…teeny, weeny, yellow and orange flowered bikini.” Someone is ready for vacation!!!!!

BUT you should still go see Cats! My tribe is holding it down! @catsbroadway #coppertone #triangl Cat on the loose!

@koltonkrouse I miss you everyday!!!

photo: backstage photo, Georgina Pazcoguin playing in Cats, the musical on Broadway

#Repost・・・ AlleyCats Poppin’ N Lockin’ ???? I have never felt more alive than when I’m with @georgina_pazcoguin ❤ #rogueballerina slays life every single day

#catsbroadway #victoria #tumblefroofroo #hiphopcats #canwegetabump Choreography: @ayasato_official

Fashion Week!

photo: Georgina Pazcoguin walking in Fashion Week runway shows

Wishing all of my endlessly creative designer friends wonderful shows and further inspiration!

#truestory #rogueballerina walked in a show and DID NOT FALL ????

Thank you for this memory @malanbreton @madison.mitchell_ @catsbroadway #artscollide and make magic

If this cat can call while warming up…

photo: Georgina Pazcoguin backstage on Broadway

…there is no excuse for being too busy! I support @plannedparenthood.

Gonna ring your bell as much as it takes @chuckschumer #rogueballerina #catsbroadway @gretchen.h.smith @joshcharlesofficial @sophsf

Ringing the bell on turning a year wiser!

photo: ballerina Georgina Pazcoguin supports animal rescue

I can not think of a better way to spend my birthday weekend other than helping my furry friends at @bestfriendsanimalsociety at their Super Holiday Adoption event! Head down to Metropolitan Pavilion all day tomorrow 12/17 and 12/18 to #savethemall #chooseadoptionchooselove

#rogueballerina #tumblebrutus #victoria Support this message @catsbroadway